Monday, June 30, 2008

Not a food snob

Never let it be said that I am a food snob. I am not. Here is a barbecued turkey joe and macaroni salad. I didn't even make that bun! I made the macaroni salad and the turkey joe filling. It's good. Actually, I got the recipe from Weight Watchers forever ago. We had an indoor picnic since it was like blazing hot outside in Maryland. It was too hot even for the birds this past weekend. I did not see any finches out on the farm. I really enjoy seeing the little yellow finches. They are such a bright spot of yellow. I did see 2 fawns with their mother. The fawns are so darling with the white spots. I also saw the tiniest little bunny. I see a lot of rabbits on the farm but this one was so tiny I really took note of him.

We ate well this weekend, I think. We had poached eggs Florentine for breakfast on Saturday which really started out as a simple breakfast but then I realized I had everything to make eggs Benedict and then the idea of hollandaise was too eggy for me so I decided on a mornay sauce which necessitated making the eggs Florentine. Trust me, if you are me, it necessitated it. I took some pictures but they turned out pretty terrible since the food was on a blue and white plate and the place mats and napkins were also blue and white. What was I thinking? I mean, I LOVE blue and white china but I think I need yellow place mats for summer. Or perhaps this darling fabric with hand drawn gold birds from Repro Depot. So cute. It should be for $9.50 a half yard. Once I finish all the rag dolls I am working on, I think I am going to make some place mats.

The recipe is basically very lean ground turkey, a diced red pepper, half a diced onion all browned up and then a good smokey barbecue sauce reduced down with it. I like homemade or Stubbs is good in a pinch. I obviously like pickle and cheddar cheese on mine. I have heard these sandwiches called sloppy sue but I like turkey joe. It's fun to say. Turkey joe.

Mr. Huckleberry Finn asked in his fine southern drawl, "May I have a turkey joe? Hold the bun, please?"

Sorry, sweetheart. It's kibble in a bowl for you!

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