Wednesday, July 2, 2008

look out girls! with naming update

There's a new boy in town! I must say, he is looking pretty good in his little sailor suit and hat.

I finished this little guy last night. I am mostly in love with the pleats in his pants and the collar on his shirt. I will confess that I got myself quit turned around when it came to the collar. It is easy when sewing to get yourself mixed up on wrong side, right side, inside and outside, especially working with shirt facings on a shirt to fit a 15 inch doll. I normally do not like to pin fabrics when I sew dolls since one pin is usually as long as the material itself but I had to pin this collar and facings just so I could SEE it all go into place when I turned it right side out. It was an Aha moment comparable to the one I had once it a store over a choke chain and how it works. That moment was so profound that the man doing the demonstration for me patted my arm and said, "it's okay, honey." Sheesh, I must have looked stupid.

My husband is out of town again and has been since Sunday. I know a couple of beagles who will be very glad to see him. Very glad indeed. I will be glad to see him, also but I probably won't jump around, howl, and lick him. Probably I won't do those things.

Update: My coworker named this little guy for me - we picked the name Sonnyboy. Funny story, he is to be a companion to the girl rag doll I made named Molly. My coworkers Googled "Molly and" and found this website for Molly and Sonnyboy. They play Rhythm and Blues Grass. Yup, that's right Rhythm and Blues Grass. What a hoot that website is! So now I have my very own Molly and Sonnyboy. I plan to keep those two and the other rag dolls I am making are gifts and what not.

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