Thursday, June 26, 2008

where have all the bonnets gone?

I was talking to a friend about rag dolls and I casually mentioned that I might like to make a bonnet for the dolls. I said, "but I fear she would look like Holly Hobby" (I am trying very hard to avoid copy write infringement at all costs). Anyway, my friend who is obviously younger than I am, was not familiar with Holly Hobby. So, I Goggled Holly Hobby and found that she has been transformed from the lovely, sweet, flower picking profile above into a "Bratz" type character who no longer wears a bonnet but rather a jaunty, floppy hat and ugly pants. Sigh.

I guess this is Holly's great-grand daughter and not Holly herself? Can't Grandma Holly make the young Holly a cute patch work pinafore and bonnet? MUST she wear hideous bell bottoms and have an outrageously disproportional head size to appeal to young girls today? Sorry if people out there think she is really super now. I think it is a travesty. Or in the words of Anne of Green Gables, it is tragical! Just tragical!

Regardless, I think bonnets for ragdolls would prove difficult since the ragdolls are flat dolls with flat heads but I might be able to pull something off and make a bonnet for a flat headed doll. I really don't know.

On a happy note I found this vintage Holly Hobby characters bracelet! I know, right? It is darling.

I feel pretty good today so I am planning some chicken and corn chowder for dinner tonight! Yumm yumm. Recipes tomorrow.

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