Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the shy beagle

Pebbles is still at the vet. I believe we get to pick her up today. My husband was on a boat in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay last night and did not get home until around 8 or so. It was just me and Huck Finn last night when I got home. Huck was in the crate alone. Usually Pebbles is in there with him and they jump around a little and howl a bit. Once they calm down, I let them out. Huck was obviously asleep when I came in and stretched and looked at me. He looked happy enough the see me but seemed so lackluster about it all. I let him outside for a little private time.

Usually, I start dinner right away when I get home but since Mr. Anderson was not there, I did not. I don't really cook for just myself. So, I went into my sewing room. Huck laid on the landing to the stairs in the hallway. I could just hear the jingle of his tags when he moved and he could hear me moving around and sewing. Normally, while I cook, Mr. Anderson watches the news or Cash Cab, Pebbles sits on the rug right in front of the oven, and Huck pops into the kitchen off and on to see what smells so good.

7 p.m. before I knew it and neither Huck nor I had dinner. I served him up his kibble in a bowl and set it down. He was not there to receive it. I called him and heard him come down the stairs. Well, halfway down the stairs. I guess he just wasn't that excited about eating dinner without his girlfriend. I reached through the banister and pet his little head. Huck has big, soft, expressive eyes. I looked in his eyes and said, "I know, I miss them, too." Huck won't look directly into the camera for a picture. He is a little scared of it. He will glance up and see it and divert his eyes. It's all one very slow, sweet motion. He seems so demure, actually (if a dog can be demure). Such a gentle spirit. Such a good boy.

He came all the way down the stairs finally and started to eat his dinner. He was about half way through when he heard Mr. Anderson on the porch. Head up, ears perked. Huck managed to finish a bit more of his dinner. Then he was following his "big dog" around the house. He seemed a bit more normal and centered. Yeah, most of the pack was home.

I tried to relay what last night was like at home for just 3 hours without he and Pebbles to my husband this morning. My sleepy brain said it all wrong. I said something wrong like, "you and Pebbles are the noise makers in the house, it was just too quiet"... what I meant to say was that Mr. Anderson and Pebbles are the joy of the house. The energy and charisma. All the fun and spirit. Without them, Huck and I are a little lost.