Tuesday, June 3, 2008

broccoli rabe

To me, broccoli rabe is like broccoli, spinach and asparagus all rolled into one amazingly cool looking vegetable. I am a big fan of this traditional dish of broccoli rabe with Italian sausage and orecchiette pasta. Only, I could not find any orecchiette at the store. Even the big mega mart. It is like the eastern shore of Maryland has a problem with orecchiette and does not allow any to reach its lovely shores. Anyway, I used medium shells instead.

I made this using a recipe here. I did not exactly follow the procedure of this recipe. Instead, I cooked the broccoli rabe and removed it without draining the water and then I cooked the pasta in the same water. I added the pasta straight from the pot without draining into the sausage and broccoli rabe. Make sense? I just didn't want to have to heat two separate pots of water as it seems to be a waste of electricity. I am nothing if I am not cheap. I also used a turkey Italian sausage since Mr. Anderson and I are really fat. So there you go.

My little Pebbles bunny beagle is at the vet getting her heart worm treatments. I thought we got to pick her up this afternoon after the second treatment. I learned yesterday when I called to check on her that we were mistaken and she had to stay tonight, also! I really miss her. Cooking dinner without her last night was strange. Normally she sits on a rug right in front of the oven and watches my every move. Sometimes she get a little snack, too. My husband got to see her briefly this morning when he dropped off more food for her. Miss Thing was very glad to see him and he said she is doing fine. The vet said the first treatment went really well and expects that the second will be fine, also. Once we get our little bunny back, we have to keep her from any exercise for 30 days. It will be difficult since she is a very athletic dog. Mr. Huck is really missing his girlfriend, but he did get to sleep in the big bed with us last night!

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