Wednesday, June 25, 2008

farewell fat foods

Fried chicken.

Fried dough.

The fried chicken was actually a little over 2 months ago and the fried dough about 3 weeks ago. So good and disgusting. It is no surprise that my husband's doctor wants him to cut back on fatty, salty, carby foods. So, there will be more healthy foods cooked in my little farm house kitchen starting now. I just wanted wish fried chicken and fried dough (and other fried monsters) a proper farewell.

Okay, so Culinary Camp starts 2 weeks from Monday and I have not yet written the curriculum! It will be something if 12 teenage girls are looking to me to help them learn to cook in a week and I have nothing to offer, huh? Here's what I am thinking for this year - "Around the World in 5 Days: A Culinary Adventure" We will cook a different style of cuisine each day from Mexican to French. My trouble is what to make for the capstone dinner. I am not yet sure how I can incorporate all of the styles into one meal. I am NOT a fusion chef. Not a fusion chef at all. Maybe Ming Tsai will do a guest spot at Culinary Camp this year? Eh, probably not.

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