Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This is pasta with shrimp, spring vegetables, and feta cheese. The recipe is from Everyday Food and can be found here. This was really very delicious and super easy to make. I do find it funny when recipes are "one pot" I still seem to end up with a million dirty dishes! I guess I don't need to measure everything out for the recipe ahead of time into little dishes and bowls, but I hate feeling pressured in the assembly of a dish. I am all about calm and in control in the kitchen.

I think this might be better cold. My husband ate it cold when he came home from a late meeting and he said it was awesome cold. The only changes I made to the recipe were an addition of 1/4 cup of sliced green onions and I did not put the asparagus in since I did not have any and was not in the mood for asparagus anyway. I used sugar snap peas instead of snow peas since I saw them at the mega mart grocery store and they looked so amazingly good! I did not cut them. Also, I did not use mint but a little basil from my front porch. Okay, so I basically changed the entire recipe around, but the concept remains! The feta makes a nice creamy addition to this dish and the lemon, garlic, and olive oil were fabulous.

I really am going to have to splurge on a new camera. I have been putting it off but the slightly blurry pictures are rather annoying. It makes me feel like my vision is going bad.

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