Tuesday, June 17, 2008

car free and baseball

We had Chicken Parmesan last night for dinner. Gosh, that is good stuff! We also had terrific thunderstorms last night that cause me to worry about losing power. The power only flickered off once and then was fine. I always imagined that we would have issues with the electricity living in the country but honestly, I remember more power outages living in Detroit.

So, I have officially been 1 month without my own car! I must say, I am loving it. I was very worried at first. I worry a lot about a lot of things. The plan was originally for my nice husband to drive me to work each day but 2 coworkers who were carpooling already kind of offered to pick me up and drop me off each day. They are basically refusing to take cash from me so I plan to purchase or make nice things for them. I should confess here that the lease was up on my Chevy Malibu Max (as pictured above) and I didn't know what I wanted to do when the lease was up, so I did nothing. I basically turned the car in and walked away. People generally think that I am without a car because I am such a super person who is so very "green" when in fact, it is a lack of organization on my part. I am generally a very organized person but I just wasn't proactive about the lease on the car ending and actually doing something about it.

I am thinking of getting a new car in the fall. I guess. I have been doing a little research on which cars are the most economical on price and gas consumption. I worry that I am a burden on my hubs and my coworkers but actually, Lenny and my coworkers have expressed that they are enjoying the carpooling. Interesting, no?

Okay, so my previous blog was a lot of baseball talk. I do love baseball. I can't really explain it, so I basically tell people that I went to an MLB game many summers ago with some church kids and while I was there I got bit by the baseball bug. I so miss going to see the Tigers play. Mr. Anderson and I warmed our faces in the sun many days at Comerica Park. I pay a crazy amount of money to subscribe to the Directv Extra Innings package so I can see the games, but it is just not the same. Just not the same. I am happy to report that my team is finally starting to catch hot! They won 6 in a row, which is none too shabby. Of course, they are still 6 games under .500 but it's a long season, right? Right! Pictured above is the main gait at Comerica Park. There are giant tigers and giant baseball bats. It is super awesome!

This is a closer shot of the picture that is over the main gate at Comerica Park. Pictured there is the great Ernie Harwell, long time announcer for the Tigers and the Georgia Peach himself, Ty Cobb. I really miss Detroit right now.

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