Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a small litter of calico kitties

I joked with my husband that I am going to make a 100 of these and line them up like a small army of kitties. I just think that 100 of these kitties all lined up in very tidy rows would look super cool. I am a big dork.

Truth is, I made the one in the center for my mom for Mother's Day. I hope she likes it since I put it in the mail to her yesterday.

I bought an old wood bookcase to put in my dining room. It has a little damage along the bottom right hand edge and needs to be refinished badly. I am usually not one for painting solid wood furniture, but the thought of refinishing this piece is making my head really hurt so I am thinking I will paint it a deep barn red with a crackle finish. I found this paint company online called The Real Milk Paint Co. that has cool colors and the crackle finish. It is all organic and non-toxic so it is all together appealing. A bit pricey I guess (I have no idea what paint costs) but not causing brain damage to myself and beloved husband and beagles is worth it.

This is the red -I just wonder if anyone out there on the interwebz has used this paint from this company and can possibly offer any feedback? The website has user submitted pictures and comments but you never know. It just sounds weird - milk paint? That you mix yourself?

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