Monday, April 7, 2008

Saturday in the park

I was feeling not so bad on Saturday morning after Friday being really dreadful. We had to go to the grocery store anyway, so we picked up some over priced, but delicious sandwiches and took Pebbles and Huck into town with us for a little picnic in the park. Saturday was one of the most beautiful days I can recall in a long time! Chestertown is a real "dog town" anyway and on a really pretty day, there were people with dogs all over downtown! I am glad to report that my dogs are good looking enough to command quit a bit of attention even with so much competition.

I tried very hard to get a picture of them together but Huck is so camera shy, that I had to settle for individual shots. We had a lovely day just relaxing and the beagles were happy to get off the farm for a couple of hours since they love to see other dogs.

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