Wednesday, April 9, 2008

fabulous birthday loot

I had a great birthday, really. I am always so amazed at how nice and generous people are to me on my birthday. I really do not deserve it all. My hubby bought me this antique iron and iron trivet (the trivet is so cool) for me to put on my cast iron stove. I love it!

He also bought my this precious "Jenny Rabbit" from Bayberry Cove. She is very lady like with her shawl and painted slippers on her feet. I cannot decide which is cuter - that she is wearing a shawl or that she is ever so demurely holding it closed? I had a long talk with Pebbles about the fact that Jenny Rabbit is NOT a dog toy. In one long beagle ear and out the other.

My super cool coworker gave me this hand made apron with chickens on it. The picture does it no justice. It is so crazy cute!

I made a new recipe for dinner and a chocolate cake for my birthday. Lenny sang to me and everything. It was a great birthday.

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