Tuesday, May 20, 2008

miss kitty doll

This little kitty doll was a gift for my friend who is getting some living kitties this summer. I thought she could use a little kitty to keep her company in the interim. As usual, this is not the greatest picture in the world as the doll is much cuter in person. She is soft and lovable and you know she likes you because she is smiling at you!


Lindz0902 said...

I love my kitty!! She's so adorable. I think I've picked a name...although it's not very original name I rather like Miss Kitty. When I was a kid, my grandparents' cat was named Miss Kitty. I was going to bring her in today but didn't want her to get all wet;)

Lindz0902 said...

Another comment from yours truly. Would you mind if I copied your super cute flower/bow idea for the girl bear I got yesterday? It's so sweet!

Kelly said...

I love the name Miss Kitty (since I was calling her Miss Kitty Doll already, I think it is fitting and will not cause any split personality issues for her) and of course you may make all the little flowers you want for that bear. :)