Friday, May 30, 2008

hurt beagles and onion rings

My sweet beagle Pebbles has a partially torn ACL. Poor little bunny is on pain pills and is completely restricted from any exercise for 10 days. At the end of 10 days the vet will evaluate her to see if she needs surgery. I certainly hope that she does not. She wants to run up the stairs and be a silly beagle but we are having to control that. She is such a sweet little girl and the closest thing I will probably ever have to a daughter, so it breaks my heart to see her in pain. I am sure she will be fine.
I was really in the mood for junk food last night but not so junky that it was from a fast food joint, you know? I made chicken sandwiches and onion rings, which was a really good dinner, actually. The man I call my husband really enjoyed it, too. I did not take any pictures of any of the food for some unknown reason. My onion rings were not the battered kind, although those are really good, too. I basically slice two onions and dredge the rings in seasoned flour, then dip in evaporated milk and then dredge back in the flour. Then fry them in 350 degree oil until they are golden brown and so good and crispy.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. I am making dolls and kitties all weekend for a "homemade open house" my super cool friend and co-worker is hosting in July. I must have stabbed myself with a needle 10 times last night while doing a little hand sewing on some doll heads. I have never really gotten the hang of using a thimble. I guess I should learn, huh?

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