Wednesday, May 14, 2008

in the dining room

I really wanted to put an open shelf in my dining room. I know that normally dining room furniture conceals whatever is within it with doors but I thought it would neat to have open storage for linens, decorative plates and serve ware. I spotted a solid wood cabinet at an antique store on my way home one day and purchased it for very little money. It needed some love. I just happen to have some extra love for an old, wood, abused, bookcase.

Here it is on my porch, upside down. It was upside down so I could fix some damage on the underside. I thought at first that I would replace the wood here but that turned into a crazy project so I used this wood epoxy filler stuff. Worked like a charm.


Oh, all patched, sanded, and primed! Ready for paint. I bought "fireweed red" since it looked the most colonial for the shelves and exterior and "artifact" for the back panels. The idea of the whole thing being red made my head hurt a little. The idea of any of it being red made my husband's head hurt a lot! The shelf was parked on my porch for 2 weeks since I am not one to rush paint drying. As I worked on it, Mr. Anderson came to like it more and more. One day he actually said, "it's coming along nicely" and I knew I had turned him to the dark side!! Oh wait... that's another story.

Here it is finished. I have since moved a lot of things around on there and although, I am a minimalist, I definitely see the need for additional items. I just don't want to buy things just for the shelf, you know? I want it to be more of a natural thing. The swan stays and I think I will put a plant on the left side next to the swan. The Blue Willow plates are family thing and actually have a funny story. Something to do with my aunt marrying into a wealthy, English family and not liking any of the "old" stuff they had; she wanted 50's modern pieces. The old stuff included Chippendale furniture and Blue Willow china. So, she gave the plates to my grandma who gave the plates to my mom. My mom gave them to me. I love them. I have more pieces than pictured here. I actually had more pieces at one time but they were actually stolen and sold. I went to get them back but could not afford the price of $45 a plate!

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