Thursday, September 25, 2008

another kind of ragdoll

This is my friend Lindsay's lovely kitten. Her name is Layla... isn't she lovely? Those blue eyes, that soft fur, the pretty paws, whiskers and ears just make her a real show stopper in my book. I do not have the words to express how soft Layla is, honestly. I saw pictures of Layla before I met her and I thought I knew how soft she would be in person. I was wrong. She is as soft as she looks times 10. No, times like 100! She is sweet and soft and elegant looking. It's too sad that I am allergic to cats or I would want a Layla. My friend and her nice fiance adopted Layla a couple of months ago and just last weekend they adopted a boy ragdoll kitten and named him Leif. After the Viking. Cool, huh? He's cute, too. See?

Lindsay and I were talking about how it is just so neat to have two of an animal that kind of match. As most folks who read here know, I have two beagles and I must admit that having two beagles seems better than having one beagle and one jack russell, you know? Nothing wrong with JR terriers but our OCD seems to spill over into animals.

Not much is going on in my life just now. I am preparing for my sister's much anticipated visit and working a lot! I finished the quilt, which is good. I will post pictures of it soon, I promise! I have not bought a camera, yet since I am hoping to test drive my sister's camera next week. I haven't really been cooking a lot since we seem to be out and about every night at dinner time. We had Mexican last night. Oh, chili rellenos, how I love you!

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Lindz0902 said...

Kelly...Layla and Leif would like to thank you for making them honorary guests on your blog!!