Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Longwood Gardens

I had a great visit with my sister. We went to DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia while she was here. We also spent a little time in Chestertown but I guess I take that for granted since I spend most everyday in Chestertown... although that was probably my favorite day.

We went to Longwood Gardens which is about an hour outside of Philadelphia. I do not have words to express how beautiful the gardens there are so here is photographic proof! The picture above is obviously a lovely blanket of fall mums. So soft and pretty.
This guy and his companion guard the entrance to the topiary garden. Look, he's smiling at you. That means he likes you.

All of the flowers in the flower garden are grouped by color and then type. The result is truly stunning.
This shot is looking back over the "large lake" to the gazebo. Very pretty.

Looking up at the sky through the gazebo.

The Italian water garden was one of my favorites. My husband asked if the water was from Italy. Funny guy! Again in the flower garden - purple! These arches are so "Secret Garden" they made me want to cry.
This is the bell tower which really did not have bells in it but those electronic chimes. I guess that is ok.

I am looking forward to taking my husband to Longwood Gardens sometime soon! It is a dreamy place.

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