Friday, September 5, 2008

a requiem is needed for my camera

Oh, it is so sad! My beloved (tongue in cheek there) digital camera has gone to that big electronics waiting room in the sky. It won't even turn on. It hates me.

Oh well, I have been looking for an excuse to buy a new camera and now I have it! Yes... a new camera. I have gotten more than one suggestion to but a Canon Powershot A80 and I think I would be happy with that but I want to really do a little research and make sure I get the best camera for my needs. I live in the middle of nowhere and this means I have to plan a special trip over the Chesapeake Bay to really look at cameras. Alas! I do not know when this will happen. I guess I will have to blog just words for a couple of weeks. My pictures were usually so craptastic that I doubt anyone will really miss them. It makes me sad to think that I maybe wouldn't blog while the camera thing is going on. I really don't care if anyone reads this (besides my mom), it is just a good exercise to keep the blog consistently.

Hmmm... I do have a backlog of food pictures that I haven't posted, so maybe I will post those for a while but they are really bad. Not bad food, just bad pictures, really. Food that doesn't photograph well... like Swedish meatballs. They look like mini alien pods. I have never seen a mini alien pod but I have a pretty good imagination and I think they would look like this.

Mini alien pods in sour cream sauce with dill, anyone?

Anyway, we had this pasta with smashed peas, ricotta and sausage for dinner last night and if I recall correctly, we will be having it tonight, too since this recipe like makes a ton. Like 8 servings at least. I don't know how Giada stays so slim if she considered this to be 4 - 6 servings. Regardless, it was pretty good. I think I will make it again and use a better quality ricotta cheese than this time. Also, I think the peas need to be cooked more than she states. That's just my opinion.

Ok, I am off to buy a grave plot for the camera. Oh, and I need a new black dress for the funeral...

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