Thursday, September 4, 2008

$8 potatoes and new vintage fabric

I have made these potatoes before. They are really, really fabulous. Cheesy, creamy, and they have a crispy topping that is made from torn pieces of bread and shredded cheese. I affectionately dubbed them "$8 potatoes" last night since the 8 ounces of Gruyere cheese used to make them cost $8.34. So, really they are like $14 potatoes considering the cost of the Parmesan, cream, stock, thyme, butter, garlic, and potatoes. Ok, so maybe they are $20 potatoes. Yikes! But they are really, really good. I cannot stress how much better they are than something like this. I remember eating those when I was a kid. I remember the clicking sound the dehydrated potato slices made when they were poured into my mom's Pyrex glass bowl. Potatoes should click unless it is because they are lovingly fried to a crisp. Just my opinion. Honestly, I loved those things as a child.

Ok, here is a dark, shadowy picture of some great, old fabric I bought last night on my way home. I pass a large antique store on the way home. Their prices on furniture are crazy but on fabric and small items, the prices are awesome. The top piece is actually a duvet and I love the red and white ticking stripe. The bottom is soft yellow and both pieces are 100% cotton and so smooth and soft already. I took them home and washed the musty, used fabric smell out (I hate that smell). I plan to make a coverlet out of these by sandwiching batting between them, tufting and tying it at intervals and then binding the edges - kind of a cheater quilt. I think I am going to use turquoise floss for the ties. It should be cute and be ready for my sister to use when she gets here at the end of the month for a much anticipated visit. The fabric was $6 and I already have the notions needed. Quilt batting is on sale at Joann's right now for 40% off. Hmmm... all told, this project will cost less than the potatoes au gratin! Nice.

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