Monday, January 5, 2009

reality does indeed bite!

So, I have been off work since December 19 and I have been wonderfully lazy! Wow... what a fabulous two weeks I have had with my beloved husband and the beagles. Today it is back to work for me and Lenny is in Alexandria taking a very intense exam that is needful for ordination. He will be there for most of this week and I already miss him terribly. I always feel like life is in a bit of limbo when my husband is gone. That may sound extremely weird to some but in the 8 and 3/4 years we have been married our lives have been so tightly woven together that I feel incomplete without him. God speed to you, sweetie and come home safe and sound!

Anyway, Christmas was fabulous, my husband gave me LL Bean wicked good slippers and a fabulous new stock pot. Those were really the stand out gifts for me this year. Also, there was a really super trip to KMart that involved me getting a lot of new (well replacement really) kitchen gadgets... a new can opener, a meat thermometer, spatulas, a pepper mill, can tappers, pastry brushes, and I forget what else! How wonderful for me, right??

I did make my traditional English Christmas dinner complete with Yorkshire puddings and that was really tasty and worth all the work. Pictures to come maybe. Besides much cooking, I really super cleaned the house (who knew that a small city made of grime was behind my stove?), helped with the Christmas pageant at church, and read a couple of books.

Wednesday is Epiphany and I will start to take down all of the Christmas decorations tonight maybe and it's back to the reality of working for a living everyday. I guess the good news is that the days are getting longer and spring is just around the corner.

Happy New Year!

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