Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So, I have been sick lately and not cooking at all. Well, since I was sick to my stomach, I was cooking white rice and poached chicken breast cutlets. Which I must say, is not very exciting. I am feeling better, so I will make something good tonight.

I wanted to call my husband and say something nice to him this morning. It's just nice to call and say nice things to your spouse. I feel like it is my mission in life to make sure that my husband knows that I am his biggest fan. Only, all I could think of this morning was Bugs Bunny saying, "bricka bracka firecracker sis boom bah, Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny rah rah rah!" in the cartoon Super Rabbit. So, I called my husband and substituted a nickname of his for Bugs Bunny in that cheer. He laughed. Mission accomplished.

Here is Bugs Bunny saying it at 1:17 in this video.

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