Friday, July 2, 2010

a sewing box and a month long commitment

Lenny brought this lovely vintage sewing box home for me. An elderly lady in our parish passed away back in April and her family are just now sorting her belongings. Apparently, she was a crafter and a sewer. This was among her possessions and her family insisted on giving it to Lenny for me to have. They are rather fond of my husband. It was full of sundry items - old wooden spools of thread, a lot of elastic, a dollar sign money clip (alas, no money was in it) and several pieces of candy. Yeah. I have since cleaned it out and I it is just crazy how very much I am in love with this thing. Certain mid-century items are so fabulous and wonderfully made. Another mid-century item I would love to own is one of those vinyl coated woven laundry hampers. Oh, and a martini!

So, last month I kept track of how much money we spent eating out. It's crazy stupid how much we eat out... especially considering that I am a trained chef. Sigh. I hope this next statement isn't terribly arrogant sounding but it's not like any of the restaurants we eat out at are preparing anything that I can't do equally well or even better. We usually eat out for the following reasons - 1) I don't feel well and do not feel like cooking. 2) Poor planning.

So, my challenge is one month, no eating out. We do have a scheduled lunch about mid-month so that will break the rule right there but if we can make the remainder of the month that would be great. So far, so good but it is only July 2nd. We had meat loaf with mashed potatoes and Caesar salad last night and Italian sausage with soft polenta and fresh tomato sauce tonight. Both are items I normally do not make but love to eat. Oh, the meat loaf was really awesome grilled this morning for breakfast with mashed potato pancakes and poached eggs. Sound strange but it was really awesome.

I am also going to make an effort to post more of the everyday type of food we eat in hopes that I will have a log (haha, a weblog if you will...) of recipes that we enjoy.


Lindsor said...

That's awesome Kelly!! The sewing box is so much bigger than I envisioned---yay lots of room for many sewing items :) And I love your plan. We also go out a fair bit so it would be good experiment to eat at home for a whole month (and see how much we save!). Can't wait to hear about your recipes. Brandon has been jonesing for some meatloaf so that might be on the menu soon (of course I might have to make a WeWa version of it). :)

barelymeasured said...

omg- that is the exact sewing box my grandmother had!!!! We also go out too much- I wonder if we could go a whole month... I would rather eat out than buy shoes (i know), so I'd probably cave.... :)