Saturday, September 4, 2010

overcoming my weaknesses

I am feeling better but I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about biscuits. I have admitted it before that I cannot make biscuits. Until yesterday. I made these lovely, cheddar buttermilk biscuits using Ina Garten's recipe. I really do enjoy Ina Garten. Her recipes are simple, straightforward and they always work out well. These biscuits were really yummy - we had them for breakfast with soft scrambled eggs and sausage and then for lunch with turkey and provolone on them.

I followed the recipe exactly. I was shocked that there was an egg in the recipe - I canp't recall putting an egg in my biscuits before this. Maybe that is why my biscuits were always nasty... I don't know. I am just glad I found this recipe!

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