Friday, March 5, 2010

H is for Huck

I have long known that my boy beagle is built like a football player. He now has a varsity sweater to prove it. I am so proud of him for lettering. What a good boy!

I used the pattern from Martha Stewart's website. I decided to put just one letter on my sweaters (P is for Pebbles... or it will be) instead of spelling out dog - I know my dogs are dogs, so I don't need to identify them as such. (Completely tongue in cheek here, I thought "dog" was pretty cute on the sweaters for Martha's French bulldogs). Since I am making one in blue for each dog, I want to be able to tell them (the sweaters, not the dogs...) apart. I am not sure why I want to tell them apart, but I do. Anyway, my first thought was to put the letters on the chest but my husband suggested I put them on the back at the haunch area.

I purchased all the supplies for this project at Joann's except for the elastic cord and cord stopper which are recycled from an old fleece sweater of mine. This project took about 45 minutes from start to finish. Polar fleece was on sale 40% off, so this was a pretty cheap project.

For my Maryland friends who are curious about my new house in PA, the picture of Huck in the sweater was taken in the church office which is downstairs in the basement. The picture of just the sweater was taken on my living room floor. I promise that pictures of the new house will follow soon!


Zoomdaddy said...

Pebbles is jealous because you made his sweater first.

Lindz Sims said...

That sweater is sooooo cute. Huck looks very handsome in it.