Monday, December 14, 2009

they're coming for you, Barbara...

I could spend a couple of paragraphs gassing on about where I have been and what a terrible, naughty little blogger I am but I think we are all above that, right? I mean, really.

Ah, owls. Aren't they cute. I made one of these a few months ago for my friend Heather and now I am seem to be making them in large batches to sell in a local shop and I actually listed some on Etsy! Who am I, right? Generally, I look at my handmade items and I think that they are just not really worth selling and I seriously lack confidence on this topic. Fortunately, there has been a very positive response to these, so I am feeling a little better.

The title of this post is from Night of the Living Dead -- one of my favorite, very scary movies. I usually don't go in for seriously scary movies but that one is a favorite. The husband and I get all snugged up under the covers and watch it together. It's the best. Every time I look at all these owls all together, I think of that part where Johny is teasing his sister Barbara in the graveyard, saying, "they're coming for you, Barbara... they're coming for you..." I just love it. Of course Johnny gets eaten by a zombie but he really had it coming what with teasing his sister like that.

I guess it's time to breath some new life back into the old blog.