Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy birthday Heather!

My fabulous friend Heather had a birthday last week. I made her this reusable grocery bag. This was a rather daring move on my part since Heather makes handbags. I was feeling a little intimidated but I was betting she would like it and that it was something she would not make for herself. I only made her some linen produce bags to go with it and she seemed to really appreciate those. I hope to see her using this bag at the local farmer's market this Saturday!!

Update - I should mention that I did take some heavy inspiration on this (especially the polka dots) from Posy Gets Cozy but did not use her pattern. I am sure it is fabulous but I didn't think I needed a pattern for something like this... I just used an exsisting, ugly reusable bag that I got from the store for the pattern. I would rather figure it out on my own than spend $8 on a pattern.

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