Thursday, April 16, 2009

hoot, hoot

I made this little owl for my fabulous friend Heather. The story behind how I came to make this owl is an interesting study in something I like to call, "It's a small world-wide-web after all!" I have followed a blog called "The Scottish Cow" for a little while now. Unfortunately, it has not been updated in sometime. Andrew is busy making beer, I think. From there, I linked to a blog called "Looking In", which is fabulous in an understated, unassuming way. So, from Looking In, I followed a comment to "Polka Dot Bug" who made some really cute owls of her own... turns out Polka Dot Bug is the Scottish Cows wife??!! Yes. Small world, huh? After looking at the picture of the darling owls she made, I was inspired to make my very own original owl for my friend who loves owls. Got all that? Good!

I played around with making my own pattern and I think he is pretty cute, if I do say so myself. His name is Ollie the Owl and obviously he likes trees and is not nocturnal.


Sarah said...

Oh my word, this is SUCH a cute cow...I love those legs! It IS a small world, eh?

Melissa said...

I found your blog via Sarah's and am smitten! What a sweet owl - and as a new personal chef and small business owner, I love your bio and can't wait to read more of your stories!

Anonymous said...

So when do I get an owl? Its so cute! Got a birthday coming in July... ;-) All of the things you make really are quite sweet and well made dear. :-)

Kelly said...

Thanks for the owl and blog love! :)

Missy - there very well might be an owl in your future for your b-day!! I made a couple of more with denim and different cotton fabric -- Lenny actually claimed one and named him Poncho! Oh, that man is funny. I'll post pictures later this week.