Thursday, March 5, 2009

welcome spring

We finally got a good amount (10 inches, I guess?) of snow here on the eastern shore of Maryland. I even got an unexpected day off from work. Oh, it was wonderful... I had a leisurely breakfast with the husband, lounged with the precious beagles, made an Easter present for my mom (more about that later), and had pot roast with mashed potatoes. Sigh...

We are doing this Lenten study at church on classic Christian writers, like St. Augustine, C.S. Lewis, Rowan Williams, and some other great men who I forget or have never heard of in the first place. Last night was St. Augustine.

Since my husband is teaching the class, we were early. Wicked early. I remembered that I made promises to folks who don't get to see a lot of the white stuff that I would take pictures of the snow for them. I braved the cold with my trusty camera.

What a gorgeous winter afternoon. I saw a cardinal, but he flew away before I could get his picture. Birds fear me.

Hmmm... lovely even with the killer icicles!

I was happy to get back inside to warm up by the fire. The snow is pretty but I am really ready for spring.

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